• Error Line Number are not getting generated

    By Sujay Sarkar 5 years ago

    We have implemented the open log in our database but the Error line number are not populated correctly. Kindly need help to get the correct error line number. Please assist if any body are able to get the correct error line number, so that we can follow the same process to get the exact error line number.

    • By Paul S Withers 5 years ago

      Could you add some more information. Is this from SSJS or Java? If SSJS, is it SSJS inline on an XPage/ Custom Control or SSJS in a Script Library?

      For Java, the stack trace will provide the line number.

      For inline SSJS, the line number should be shown as it is by a custom error page.

      For Script Libraries, I don't think an error line is provided by the platform, so I don't think that's possible.

      • By Sujay Sarkar 5 years ago

        Thanks for your response..We are calling the function openLogBean.addError(e,“Calling from Approve button”,null) from a button code written in SSJS. We are expecting the line number from that code snippet from Approve button. How to achive that?