• Calling from Script Library (SSJS)

    By Gary P Wilkinson 6 years ago

    I'm using OpenLog 2.0.0 with Update Site on Domino Server 8.5.3 and Domino Designer 9.0 (so I've NOT followed the steps in the "In An NSF" section in the documentation).

    I can call openLogBean.addError(e, this); from an XPage, but this fails when called from a Script Library (SSJS):

    Java method 'addError(com.ibm.jscript.InterpretException, global)' on java class 'com.paulwithers.openLog.OpenLogErrorHolder' not found

    Is there a step I need to do 'include' OpenLog with Script Libraries?




    • Second Parameter is component

      By Paul S Withers 6 years ago

      The second parameter needs to be a component. In script libraries there are two options. Pass it as a parameter into the function or use null as the second parameter. I tend to go with the latter.