• Could not retrieve database

    By Chris Richards 2 years ago

    Hi Paul/ everyone,

    I had a copy of the log db on a DEV server, everything was fine. However the application has now moved live, and I have another copy of the log db on the live server, so went into the script libs of my application, set the db path (simply in the root of the server) and also set it in my xpage application properties, however whenever an error throws up, if I look in the console log, there is a statement saying it could not retrieve the db, however the value it is referencing is to the copy on the DEV server. Have I missed something?

    • By Paul S Withers 2 years ago

      This project is only for XPages code, so if it's LS, it will be a separate issue. But I suspect the error where it's failing to find the NSF is in XPages code.

      Did you clean the database after changing the XspProperty setting? That's typically required to fully reload Xsp Property settings.

      • By Chris Richards 2 years ago

        Hey Paul, yup, built and cleaned multiple times. For some reason its trying to find the open log database in a folder structure on my dev server, even though I've updated it to point at the version in the root on my live server. Have updated the log db variable in both java and ls scripts, and have set xsp.openlog.filepath=xpageslog.nsf.

        Everything worked as expected on dev - Everything is the same on live, installed via update site etc… I just can't work out why its picking up the legacy path to the log db…. I don't need to do a http restart just for an xsp properties change do I? I thought that was only required for persistence settings?

        • By Paul S Withers 2 years ago

          I've checked where XPages OpenLog Logger gets the log database. It specifically goes to the current server, using getSession().getServerName(). As far as I can tell I've never added functionality to log to a different server. So, it doesn't look like it's the XPages code.

          It's key to identify if it's the LS, Java or XPages version that's trying to go to the wrong place. XPages OpenLog Logger's debugPrint() method prefixes console messages with “OpenLogItem error: “, but the Java SL may also do that (that was the original source for the code). If you're not getting that, it would suggest it's an LS error being thrown. Also, the particular stack trace may help identify whether it's failing on getting the log database or trying to access a document to add a link, or something else. For XPages OpenLog Logger, xsp.openlog.debugLevel=2 will output the stack trace as well, prefixed with “OpenLogItem error trace:” as a separate logging message.