• Server (IO) Error in Firefox

    By Ryan Buening 1 decade ago

    I get a 'Server (IO) Error' in Firefox when trying to upload files on a https:// server. I tested the application in Firefox on my local machine and it works fine in Firefox.

    Anyone else have this issue or know of a workaround?

    • Uploader and SSL

      By Mark Leusink 1 decade ago


      The uploader is based on a Flash component. From what I know, Flash doesn't play well with SSL under Firefox when using a self-signed certificate (see also http://swfupload.org/forum/generaldiscussion/347).

      Are you using a self-signed certificate?



      • IO Error

        By Ryan Buening 1 decade ago

        Yes. It is a testing server and I believe we are using a self-signed certificate. I'll try to test a production server. I came across the same thing you did. I just didn't know if there might be a way around it...apparently not. Thank you.

        • Firefox .. invalid certificate

          By Erik vd Arend 9 years ago

          Hi Mark,

          I got the same "Server (IO) Error" in Firefox 13.0.1.

          Seems to be an expired SSL-certificate (although it was not self signed, it was a GeoTrust SSL CA certificate).

          I will let you know, if the renewed certificate solves the problem.

          Kind regards,

          Erik van der Arend

          • Renewed CA-certificate still didn't work in Firefox

            By Erik vd Arend 9 years ago

            today, i renewed the expired certificate.

            Still, i can't perform the upload using Firefox 13.0.1.

            • Re: SSL in Firefox 13

              By Mark Leusink 9 years ago

              Hi Erik,

              Does the problem only occur in FireFox 13 ? Did it work with other versions of FireFox? And how about IE/ Chrome?