• adding files

    By Dan King 9 years ago

    I have this working for new documents, but not when editing the document and adding new files.

    I always get Unhandled error - 210, then the file disappears from the list

    Any ideas?


    • Authorization problem?

      By Mark Leusink 9 years ago

      Hi Dan,

      Is the user you're testing this with authorized to edit the document you try to add the files to?

      If that's not the problem I'd recommend two things:

      • try to figure out where exactly in the code the problem is occurring.
      • install a local proxy (like Charles Proxy) to see exactly what's being returned by the server.

      Good luck,

      • Further info

        By Dan King 9 years ago

        Thanks for the reply. I've also found that I can't download the files once having attached them (from this control, although from a normal download control it's OK). I think it must be to do with the fact that the documents are in a different db than the xPage is, so I'll try and fix that and see if it fixes this problem as well - although as I say attaching to a new document works so seems a bit odd