• Removal of attachments

    By Neil CowleyUK 10 years ago

    Firstly can I say that the Multi File Uploader is excellent - thanks for sharing. I'm having a problem with removing an attachment then attempting to add another one back again.

    I have the filesLimit setting computed based on the location the upload control is opened. I have noticed that when set to 1, if I add a file and then remove it, the number of files uploaded does not appear to reset the 'queue'. This means that if I try to uploaad another file to replace the one that I have removed I received the error: "You have attempted to queue too many files. You may select one file". I can see that there are 2 sides to this argument in that I have already added 1 file, however by not recalculating the number in the queue the user is forced to close the form and re-open it again.