• Restriction on Total Attachments size

    By Manminder Singh 6 years ago

    Hi Mark,
    Firstly I would like to Thank you, for creating a wonderful utility, it is really very easy to use with the example and demo you have provided in the application.
    Now, I would like to address you my problem in hopes of getting a solution at earliest for it.
    I have a requirement, where I need to restrict the total attachments size to 10 Mb in particular application where I have used this functionality, I have checked every possible thing in last 3 days to get that from your code, but unfortunately I could not manage to get it, of course due to lack of knowledge :( .
    So can you please help me to get a function, where I can get all the attachments size in hidden field or sessionScope and of course in which script library I should use it?


    • By Mark Leusink 6 years ago


      You'd need to check the total size before every upload. That should be doable, but unfortunately I can't help you with that. Besides having no spare time at all at the moment, this uploader is based on a (hidden) Flash component. I don't use Flash anymore because it doesn't work on mobile.

      • By Manminder Singh 6 years ago

        Hi Mark,

        Thanks a lot for your time to reply! I have tried a lot working on it, but unfortunately cannot get the result as the technology used was far away than my knowledge :(
        And at current moment, I have left that request in between due to stringent timelines for other projects, but I will try my best to work on it later.