• Two values for submitButtonId

    By Dejan Ljubič 8 years ago

    I have two different button, Save and Save and Close, and I would like to uplode the files whenever one
    of this two is clicked. How can I set the component id so that the uploader will work for both?

    Regards, Dejan

    • 2 buttons

      By Mark Leusink 8 years ago


      Just got back from a holiday and I couldn't respond sooner.

      The uploader custom control doesn't support 2 buttons currently. You'll have to change a couple of lines of code to make it work with multiple submit buttons. I think that it will work if (in the ccFlashFileUploader) you call the bindUploadsToForm() function from the clientside Javascript library for the 2nd button (id) too.

      • Multiple buttons

        By Mikolaj MS Szczepanski 8 years ago

        Hi Mark,

        I'm trying to bind 2 or more buttons to uploader but with no luck.

        I did call the bindUploadsToForm() in the ccFlashFileUploader everything seems ok but the upload event (for the second button ) wont fire, works only for one button.

        Is there anything else I should do?

        Thank you for your answer

        • See the 1.1 release

          By Mark Leusink 8 years ago


          I've added that option to the v1.1 release since it was requested a couple of times. Besides calling the bindUploadsToForm() function multiple times, it also required some changed to a JavaScript library. Have a look at  the database in the release download to see how it works.