• uploadError: IO Error

    By Jason Dembaremba 10 years ago

    I have the demo database on my server running and working fine. I then copied ALL the design elements into my app AS IS but on testing the FORMEXAMPLE, the document gets saved but with no attachment. On investigating, turning on the debugger etc, I picked up an IO error.


    Any ideas on why I keep getting an IO error? I'm using standard http, no customisations or strange configurations on the server whatsoever. I have checked ACL etc but can't seem to see the difference with the DEMO database. They are both running on the same server. Any pointers will be greatly  appreciated. See screen-shot below:

    • re: uploadError: IO Error

      By Mark Leusink 10 years ago

      Hi Jason,

      First of all: check what the server is returning. You can install a client proxy application (I can recommend Charles, see www.charlesproxy.com) to do so.

      Your problem might have something to do with access rights in your database. Check that anonymous users are allowed to read and write public documents and check that the aUpload.xsp XPage is available to public access users.


      • By ch le 10 years ago


        Maybe Firefox HTTPS FileReference upload issue :

        we expect a solution three years ago !


      • Same I/O problem for me

        By Anil Vartak 10 years ago

        I'm getting the same "Server I/O error" message on the webpage when hitting the Save button. I'm logged into the db with manager access and create/delete, the xpage aUpload has Public Access users checked and this is non SSL. Using a standard file control on another xpage in the same database I have no problem uploading attachments to the server.

        Any ideas to try and figure out what else to look out for?

      • Strangely..works when Charles proxy is running

        By Anil Vartak 10 years ago

        I have no idea why, but when I have Charles running, it attaches perfectly without errors. If I close Charles, it always fails. I installed httpfox to watch the http headers and don't see any errors, but I don't know what I need to look for.



        • Try using Wireshark

          By Mark Leusink 10 years ago

          Installing Charles to check what error message is returned would be my suggestion too. I have no idea why it does work when you have Charles running.

          You could try installing Wireshark, a tool that can monitor all network traffice coming in and out of your computer. First thing to find out is what the IO error message is.