• Multiple FileUploader's

    By Steve Cochrane 8 years ago



       Obviously, it would be unrealistic to have this in your File Uploader, but hopefully, someone can give me some tips on how to do it.  This is what I'm doing:

    1. A tabbedPanel, with a fileUpload in each of 2-5 tabs.
    2. Only PDF's are allowed, and a max of 50 PAGES of pdf's are permitted.

       This control can limit the file upload to a PDF, and I can use iText to get the number of pages.  I'll have a hidden counter outside the tabbedPanel to keep track of the total page counts.

       I tried multiple instances of the file uploader, without success.   Any pointers on how I can have multiple file uploads, in multiple tabs?

    Thanks, in advance!

    Steve in NYC