• Multiple Uploaders... solved! But...

    By Steve Cochrane 8 years ago

    Hello, all!

       I was able to get multiple file uploads working with this very useful control!  I do have a small thing left to do to finish this part of my project.

      Since the files are being uploaded in different rich text fields, I'm using four fileDownload controls to display to files.  I don't want them to be shown in the multiple File Uploader control, as well.

       Is there a way to hide the files from within the multi File Uploader?  I tried adding a bogus "filesListElementId", but that seemed to have caused an error.  I suppose I can add a hidden div somewhere, and "show" the files there, but it would be much better if they can just be hidden for cases like this, when we want to show it elsewhere.

    Thanks, in advance!

    Steve in NYC