• problem uploading more than 3 files in IE

    By Jen Watkins 10 years ago

    Has anyone found a solution to the problem where you can't upload more than 3 files at a time in IE (noted in "File uploader - XPages version - description 10-11-2010.pdf")?  I am experiencing this problem in IE9 on Windows7. 

    If a user selects 4 or more files and selects the submit link, then each file looks like it is uploaded (progress bar moves and says "complete"), but the files are not actually attached (i.e., they are not listed in my richtext field).

    The odd thing is that adding 4+ files in IE works fine in one of my apps that very closely mimics this demo, but does not work in another of my more complicated apps. I can't figure out the difference between the two that would cause this problem.

    Thanks for this project and for your help,