• Problem in IE9

    By Joacim Boive 9 years ago

    When submitting the FormExample.xsp in IE9 you get a JavaScript error from Dojo:


    {var _2e=_2d.getAttribute("widgetId")


    xspClientDojoUI.js, line 4 character 456


    Seems to think that the SWUploader is a Domino widget and fails when there's no widgetid-property.

    This is only in IE9 (IE9 as IE8/IE7 works fine).

    Domino 8.5.3

    Windows 7 64bit


    A simple solution would be to remove the node after the uploads are done, but I haven't investigated further.

    • Re: IE9 problem

      By Mark Leusink 9 years ago


      I just tested this in IE 9 (Windows 7 x64) on a Domino 8.5.3 server, but didn't receive any JavaScript errors while submitting the form example.

      Are you also running an 8.5.3 server ?