• Printer Friendly Forms & Views

    By Brian Steinberg 9 years ago

    I needed to add a more printer friendly rendition of forms and views for an 8.5.1 xpages application that uses the xpages framework and oneuiv2.  What I came up with is a combination of code/css from other xpages sources that does the trick. I added a linkResource within the resources tag for the custom controls themeTemplate2Col and themeTemplate3Col.  I think in 8.5.2 you can add a linkResource to a theme but could not get it to work in 8.5.1.

    To the owners who created this framework, thank you for providing a great template for working with xpages.  Being new to xpages this app was a gold mine!

                href="${javascript:'/' + database.getFilePath() + '/print.css'}"
            media="print" type="text/css" rel="Stylesheet">

    print.css (taken from articles in http://www-10.lotus.com/ldd/ddwiki.nsf)       
    #lotusPlaceBar, .lotusPlaceBar {display:none !important}
    #lotusBanner, .lotusBanner {display:none !important}
    .addEditButtonsContainer {display:none !important}
    #lotusContent, .lotusContent{overflow:visible !important}
    #lotusMain, #lotusFooter, .lotusMain, .lotusFooter{overflow:visible !important}
    span.lotusBtn {display:none !important}
    #lotusTitleBar, .lotusTitleBar {display:none !important}
    .lotusColLeft, #lotusColLeft {display:none !important}
    .tocWrapper {display:none !important}
    #lotusFooter, .lotusFooter {display:none !important}
    #addInfo{display:none !important}
    .pageToolbar{display:none !important}
    .attachments{display:none !important}
    .revisions{display:none !important}
    #lotusMain {border-style:none}