• Question: how do you handle the content area?

    By Gerald Mengisen 10 years ago

    If you want to use the framework on multiple XPages, how is the content area intended to be used? Or asked differently: how do you get your XPages to show up in the content area?

    I'm currently using on the partContent custom control a computed "Include Page" control that calculates the page to include based upon the current page name. It works, but feels like a kludge. How is this intended to be used?

    • Found the answer

      By Gerald Mengisen 10 years ago

      As the video for the framework shows, I added the partContent custom control to my XPages, and it did not occur to me until now that instead of adding partContent and then adding stuff to partContent, I should be adding my own custom control directly to the page - d'oh! In fact, I owe this enlightening realization to this video: http://www-10.lotus.com/ldd/ddwiki.nsf/dx/XPages_and_Blueprint_in_Slow_Motion

      Thanks again for this framework, great stuff!