• Unique Sidebar Nav for Each Tab

    By Thom Rosario 10 years ago

    I'd like each tab to have it's own unique sidebar.  I think that the API is the way to go, but I'm unsure of how to use it.

    Imagine a CRM app that has people and places information in it, with the following views:

    1. People
      • Sorted by last name
      • Sorted by company
    2. Places
      • Sorted by city
      • Sorted by company

    I'd like to make

    1. peopleLeftSidebar
    2. placesLeftSidebar

    Is there a way within the XPages Framework to quickly create these two "partLeftSidebar" controls? 

    • Looking for the same

      By Pat Sawyer 9 years ago

      I am looking to do the same. Have you found a solution?

      I would love some documentation on this feature.