• "Adding Video to a wiki article"

    By Richard Greaves 7 years ago

    The Lotus Product wiki's support embedding video (from youtube etc.)  Does this template support embedded video?  I can't seem to get a wiki created with this template to display any embedded video

    I created a test in the Wiki for XPages Documentation Wiki Test wiki article with embedded video which seems to work fine.  But in any wiki db I create (I've tried two on two different servers) the video doesn't display.  Viewing the page source shows that the embedded code isn't even there. 

    I expect I'm missing something or is this just not supported in this template?

    • Ensure allow HTML is enabled

      By Jennifer E Heins 7 years ago

      Embedding a video requires that HTML be enabled. To check this follow these steps:

      1. Open the wiki in Lotus Notes.

      2. From the Articles and Comments view click the More button and select Preferences.

      3. Go to the Advanced tab, then select the HTML tab.

      4. Check Allow HTML in content and click OK.

      This will allow HTML to work within articles. I hope this helps.

      • HTML Enabled

        By Richard Greaves 7 years ago

        HTML is definitely enabled.  If not, the code itself is displayed.

        If that's all it takes then I guess I'm looking for a server setting that would prevent the embedded code from being rendered in the browser.  

        • I couldn't get this to work either

          By sean cull 6 years ago

          removing the htmlfilter and hrmlfilterin does allow the video to display ( 852 FP 2)

      • Embeded video working after change to custom control

        By Richard Greaves 7 years ago

        I found I when I changed the values on the htmlFilter and htmlFilterIn properties on the rich text control (in the prtContent CustomControl) from "acf" to "identify", embeded video then worked!