• Basic Search and Tags do not work

    By David A Clover 6 years ago


    I downloaded this from OpenNTF and have it working. However, although I have created an index and the basic 'Search' dialogue is present on the web view, it returns no hits. If I use the 'Advanced' search it works fine.


    I have created quite a few tags for items but no tag cloud appears at all.

    It's a great template and I can put it to good use now, but these anoying flaws are spoiling the value of it for us.

    Is there a later version? The Properties tab suggests it is 0.04 of 24/04/2009 even though I did download it yesterday from here.

    David Clover
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    • Problems with documentation Wiki

      By David A Clover 5 years ago

      The Wiki does appear to be the correct one. I have worked out that tags only work if you have a single word for each - it desn't work on multiple word tags even if comma separated.

      As to the the search - no luck except in Advanced mode. Attached are the tabs showing the version and the Replica ID of the template I've downloaded. you can see it a currently configured at:



      David Clover

      IT Development Manager

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