• Does the version 4.x of the Debug Toolbar work in XPINC

    By Howard Greenberg 4 years ago

    I can use the version 4 of Debug Toolbar in XPINC using SSJS. But, when I call it from Java I get an Error 500. The same code works fine in a browser.

    package com.tlcc;

    import org.openntf.xsp.debugtoolbar.beans.DebugToolbarBean;

    public class DebugToolbar {

    private static final DebugToolbarBean dBar = DebugToolbarBean.get();
    public static String writeToDebug(String msg){
        dBar.info("IN JAVA");
        return msg.concat(new String("-added"));    


    Any work-arounds for this other than to use version 3? That works fine.



    • By Mark Leusink 4 years ago

      Hi Howard,

      Sorry, but I have no idea. I'm not doing XPINC development at all and have only tested the v3 version in XPINC.