• collapseTo property

    By Dwain A Wuerfel 6 years ago

    First of all thanks for creating this custom control.  I am using an Application Layout and have placed a panel in the MastFooter Facet and within that panel have placed the Debug Toolbar.  However, the Debug Toolbar is still showing in the bannerUtilityLinks Facet rather than the MastFooter Facet.  Looking at the code I am guess it is because of this style setting for the debugToolbar div:

    <xp:this.style><![CDATA[#{javascript:"position: absolute; " +
    (compositeData.collapseTo == "right" ? "right: 0;" : "left: 0;")}]]></xp:this.style>

    and regardless of which position I use it doesn't display within the MastFooter Facet.  The MastFooter Facet is an unnamed type.

    • re

      By Mark Leusink 6 years ago

      Hi Dwain,

      I developed the toolbar to always be displayed at the top of the page, independent from where you add it. But you're right: that's being controlled by the position: absolute CSS directive in the div you're mentioning. Try setting that to position: relative and it will be shown at the location you want it it (haven't tested it so this is an assumption: if it doesn't work, try to find other references in the CSS to position:absolute).


      • collapseTo

        By Dwain A Wuerfel 6 years ago

        If I recall I did change the position to other values and of course with some you need to set the left, right, and top.  None of those seemed to allow the debug toolbar to show in the panel at the bottom of my XPage.  I didn't look for any other position settings in the CSS.

        • change the position attribute

          By Mark Leusink 6 years ago


          See the demo here: https://demo.linqed.eu/debugToolbar/debugToolbar.nsf

          This is not in the application layout control, but on a separate XPage. If you only change the position attribute on the div.dBar class from position:absolute to position:relative the debug toolbar moves to the bottom.

          In your case I'd suggest to move it outside out of the application layout control.