• Error after refresh design

    By Luc Chapuis 7 years ago


    I have included the last version (3.0) in my app.

    The DEV works fine, but the PROD app fails after each refresh design. I need to make a "project clean" to make it ok.

    Any idea ?

    Thanks for help



    • Re: classloader problem

      By Mark Leusink 7 years ago

      Hello Luc,

      I have seen the issue before and have it myself too. Most of the time this happens if I change an XPage/ Custom control in an application that also uses managed beans/ back end java classes (in which I also log to the toolbar). Only way I know to solve it the one you're already using (do a clean instead of a build). 

      If I know of a way to solve this I'll let you know.


    • Re: workaround

      By Mark Leusink 7 years ago

      I've noticed today that the problem (while doing development) doesn't occur if you work on a local replica, build that version and than replicate to the development version on a (local) server.

    • Thanks for mentioning this... I've been getting this a lot lately

      By Jim Romaine 7 years ago

      I will try out the local replica workaround.



      • Clean seemed to work in recent occurence

        By Jim Romaine 7 years ago