• history argument in URL

    By Rene Paul 5 years ago

    I started developing with the XControls (on a real client project) and just learning how to use them and to which extent I can combine them with the default xpages controls.

    In my application a tabbed panel would be of help (or some other way to show different parts of a document).

    I notice that the tabbed panel control works very nicely but when I open another entry in the list the url argument history=true get's added and then the tabbed panel no longer works. I also noticed this when using a default view control with a pager (which I was only playing around with to see if it would work).

    What is the purpose of the history=true argument? Is there someway I can turn it off? Or should I use another solution entirely?

    XControls work and look great by the way! Thanks very much for making them available on OpenNTF!

    • By Matt White 5 years ago

      Hi Rene,

      Glad you're liking the controls.

      The tabbed panel in XPages is going to cause a page refresh (we add the history=true url parameter for some internal monitoring of the page lifecycle) but when you do a page refresh using XPages it breaks a lot of our functionality that relies on jQuery and Bootstrap.

      My suggestion if you want to use a tabbed panel is to implement the Bootstrap version (which will look better anyway): http://getbootstrap.com/javascript/#tabs it's a simple case of adding markup to your XPage.


      • By Rene Paul 5 years ago

        Hello Matt,

        Thank you very much for your quick reply!

        I used the Bootstrap version as you suggested and it works and looks great!

        The desktop version has a bit 'shifted' layout but the customer will only be using iPads and there everything is OK. I guess I have to play around a bit with the style classes lile ''list-group'' etc. but I will probably get the hang of that after a while.

        Thanks again!!