• How to use the Login control?

    By Rene Paul 5 years ago

    I have been trying to get the login control to work but ran into some issues.

    When trying to allow access to the xpage with the login control through public access then somehow things go wrong with loading stylesheets and javascript files (even if i allow public access to those too).

    When I give reader access to anymous then it works fine, but that means I have to secure all other design elements from being accessed by a browser.

    It would be much easier if public access would be allowed for the login control.

    Am I right that you have to set reader access for anymous or should public access be enough?

    Other then this I got everything to work in my application so very happy with the XControls!

    I will give you more detailed feedback about my findings via the people at TeamStudio.

    • By Jayson M Rondina 5 years ago

      How did you make it work? I can't make it work in my application it seems that it does not do anything. And the documentation in xcontrols.org does not provide a very good explanation on how to implement it. Thank you in advance.

      • By Rene Paul 5 years ago

        When I put it on the UnPMain.xsp and provide read access to anonymous it works.

        On UnpMain I have the common header with all the resources.

        I noticed it 'locks' (can't even input text in the username/password fields) when there is nothing else on the xpage.

        • By Jayson M Rondina 5 years ago

          Yeah you're right. I hope they will include a detailed explanation on the docs on how to use this one, though.

          • By Matt White 5 years ago

            We're changing the way the login control works so that it will hopefully be much more usable. This will be available in the upcoming 1.3 release.