• XPinC Support

    By sean cull 5 years ago

    Hello Matt,

    I really like what you and Mark have done with this.
    I can open a lot of the functionality in XPinC ( nsf on the server ) using the designer preview option for individual XPages but the navigation on the UnpMain.xsp XPage throws up the

    error Error 404: ProxyServlet: Focul/demos/XControlsSampler_v1_2.nsf/ActivitiesByContact.xsp when I click on the 4 navigation tiles in Sampler/ Dashboard/ Workspace/

    I understand that XPinC is probably not a major use case but can you comment on whether it is supported or, if unsupported, has anyone tried to use it anyway and what pitfalls there may be ?


    • By Matt White 5 years ago

      I've cross posted this onto Github: https://github.com/teamstudio/xcontrols-domino/issues/277 and it will get discussed in our next meeting on Thursday.


    • By Matt White 5 years ago

      Hi Sean,

      As things stand we will not be adding XPinC support to the XControls project. There are several areas that would need quite a lot of work to get them working in the client and it's not (at the moment) an area that sees significant usage for us.