• Installation

    By Andrew Welch 1 decade ago

    Did not find any installation instructions in the install zip file. How is this app installed?

    Thank you.

    • Install Instructions

      By Andrew Welch 1 decade ago

      Hi Ken,

      The instructions were on the main page under the description.

      Install Instructions:

      Simply download the WildFire-Install.zip file, extract the contents then go to Lotus Notes.

      • File -> Application -> Install.

      • Select Search for new features to install.

      • Select Add Folder Location

      • Browse to the isw.wildfire.update folder previously extracted.

      • Tick the isw.wildfire.update object & click Finish.

      • On the next screen select all the included features and click Next

      • Accept the Agreement, click Next

      • Click Finish.

      • Select Install the Plug-in and click OK

      • Allow the Lotus Notes client to restart when prompted.

      • Once Notes is open, WildFire should already be in your sidebar. Click the Settings button to begin creating accounts

      I will also put them in the zip file shortly,

      Thanks for your interest.

      Regards Andrew

      • Instructions

        By Ken Hawkins 1 decade ago

        Thanks Andrew. I think I need a bigger monitor. :)