• looking for instructions for setup with Lotus Connections

    By Andrew Welch 9 years ago

    So far i have been unable to connect Wildfire to Lotus Connections.

    Could someone please provide instructions on how to correctly setup the URL to a Lotus Connections installation (preferably using the LC installation within Lotus Greenhouse as an example). The Wildfire demo video doesn't really explain this part.

    Suggestion: Wildfire can already reuse existing Sametime accounts. It would be great if it also could pick up an existing Lotus Connections account, that has been setup to talk to the Activities service of a LC installation.


    • By Adam Brown 9 years ago


      The url for Connections depends on the Connections site you are connecting to. I have a Bleedyellow one setup and the url in this instance is https://www.bleedyellow.com (Note the https which is often the case). It is also important to have the email address the same as what you have in the Connections account.

      Hope that helps.



      • By Jim Kirk 9 years ago

        Hi Adam,

        thanks for your reply. The different configurations of the various LC installations out there is exactly my problem. Therefore i need to understand which part of an LC installation the URL needs to point to.

        In other words, what exactly is Wildfire trying to do when it tries to post a status update message to an LC account? What type of LC service is it talking to?

        In the screencast the URL points to https://caplet.isw.net.au:9443. If you opened that URL in a browser, what would you see?

        For example in Lotus Greenhouse, the main entry point to Lotus Connections is:


        In a browser this URL will show you the Home…Updates…Discover page. However, this URL doesn't work in Wildfire.

        I also tried to point the Wildfire URL to the Profiles…Profiles Home page


        and also to the Profiles…My Profiles page


        In a browser both URLs would show a web page with a form that let's me post a status update message to my LC account. In Wildfire however, these URLs also don't work.

        Thanks !

        • By Adam Brown 9 years ago

          I had a go with Greenhouse. It works with https://greenhouse.lotus.com .



          • By Jim Kirk 9 years ago

            Great, with this URL it's also working against Greenhouse for me.

            Will try to investigate further with other LC installations.

            Does Wildfire write any kind of logfile or debug information?

            Thanks !