• Not able to connect to Facebook

    By Andrew Welch 1 decade ago

    I've managed to install Wildfire as an application in my Facebook profile. But I just can't update my FAcebook status.

    In stead of the red V, signifying that the update was succesfull, I get a red X in stead.

    I guess I'm not doing it right when it comes to the session ID that you have to paste in. This is very cumbersome and will make it difficult for inexperienced users.

    What part of the session_id should I paste?

    • Facebook Instructions

      By Andrew Welch 1 decade ago

      Hi Hogne,

      You can paste the entire URL and WildFire will extract the Session ID.

      Also, make sure that you agreed to every permission WildFire requested. The web-page should say "success" when every permission is granted correctly. This is when you paste the URL.

      Unfortunately the API wasn't able to simply pass the ID back.

      Regards Andrew

      • By Hogne B Pettersen 1 decade ago

        I do get the success message when the installation is finished.

        I've also tried to paste the entire url in to the field, but it still won't work.

        Twitter works just fine, and the same with sametime. It's just facebook giving me this problem.

        However, since I use the application "Selective Twitter status," my twitter statuses are synched to facebook if I include #fb behind my message. This works just fine in WildFire as well.

        Any other ideas?

        Appreciate the help thus far.

        • Facebook Help

          By Andrew Welch 1 decade ago

          Hi Hogne,

          When you log into Facebook try selecting the "Keep me logged in" box.

          Just to clarify, when you paste the entire URL and hit Apply, does it extract a sequence of characters correctly?

          Regards, Andrew

          • By Hogne B Pettersen 1 decade ago

            Just found out that my company has blocked Facebook for Internet Explorer. From what I understand, Notes uses the IE-engine, so I think I just found out why it doesn't work, and won't work be working in the future either.

            Thanks for the suggestions and help.

    • By Andreas II Winkler 10 years ago

      Hi! I habe the same problem - but can access face otherwise without any problems - using firefox instead of IE

      • By Andreas II Winkler 10 years ago

        Wildfire won't work with facebook either even if I use IE. I am going to check at least twitter in the next days.


        • Which platform are you using?

          By Adam Brown 10 years ago

          Hi Andreas,

          Are you using Windows, Mac, or Linux. There are currently issues with Mac and Linux so if you are on these platforms we are hoping to get a new release out soon that resolve the issues.

          If you are on Windows we definitely have Facebook working. I use it everyday both for status updates and to view my Facebook feed. Can you provide some more details on what exactly isn't working.



        • Facebook Fix

          By Andrew Welch 10 years ago

          Hi Andreas,

          Are you referring to setting up Facebook? Facebook have changed the process slightly recently. Try the URL below instead. Open this URL, accept the permission requests, when it says "success" post the entire URL into WildFire and press Apply.




        • Facebook Solution

          By Andrew Welch 10 years ago

          Hi Andreas,

          What version of Lotus Notes are you running? Do you have any fix packs installed?

          The Fix Packs: FP1, FP2 & FP3; for Lotus Notes 8.5.1 disables the use of Facebook Feeds and Posting.

          This problem was introduced in FP1, and was meant to be fixed in FP3, but unfortunately it is not.

          If you have any of these Fix Packs installed and you wish to use Facebook in WildFire, the only option at this stage is to uninstall them. This can be done by running the same Fix Pack installation file again. As this is not an ideal solution, it is only recommended if you wish to use the Facebook aspect of WildFire.

          Thanks for your feedback.

          Regards Andrew