• Settings are not saved

    By Andrew Welch 9 years ago

    I'm using Wildfire v1.3 on Lotus Domino Designer and Admin v 8.5.1 client under Windows Vista x64 SP1. I have tested it with my Facebook account. If I configure the account it seems to be working (I can log on, I can post, but feeds do not appear [I don't know if my own posts should appear or only posts of others and I don't have posts from others])

    If I close the Notes client software the account configuration settings are lost. I should configure my account every time I start the Notes client.

    Please help me how can I achive to store the account configuration between Notes sessions?

    • Saving Settings

      By Andrew Welch 9 years ago

      Hi Peter,

      You must press the Apply button after creating or changing each account to store the information.

      Regarding the incoming feeds from Facebook; make sure that the Facebook account has the feed enabled on the preferences page. Also, make sure you have all the required permissions set on Facebook. Open this link to confirm:


      Does this solve your problems?



      • Not solved

        By Peter Eiben 9 years ago

        I have used the 'Apply' button and enabled everything in Facebook for WildFire, but it does not help me. Without the 'Apply' button my account does not appear in WildFire application window, but my problem is different. I create my account successfully and it works without any problem until I close the Lotus Notes client. I can post new items and it shows recent activities of my friends. But if I close the Lotus Notes client (normally every day) the next time I start it again my account info is lost from WildFire.