• What is in the Lotus Connections feed?

    By Andrew Welch 9 years ago

    A possible interesting observation. Lotus Connections Home page Top Updates shows updates only from people who I am connected to. The Discover tab shows all status updates. To use Top Updates you have to authenticate as yourself whereas the Discover feed is public.

    So, what exactly does Wildfire do? I see updates from my own feed (Top Updates) even though I am not authenticated in Wildfire (due to some limitations in our environmentn which mean we support ONLY SPNEGO and not any sort of name/password authentication). 

  • Status/Board Updates

    By Adam Brown 9 years ago

    Hi Brett,

    Wildfire displays Status updates in the Connections Feed.

    I am interested in your comment around authentication. When you configured the Connections account for your Wildfire install I assume you have entered a username and password there?

    Connections requires username, password, and email to authenticate. It depends on your Connections setup as to where these details are coming from. If Connections is using Domino for instance as the LDAP then it would be your Domino Web username and password. If it uses Active Directory for LDAP then it would be your windows username and password.