• Can't get Facebook Session ID

    By Evan Grant 7 years ago

    I have Wildfire 1.5.1 installed on Notes 8.5.3/ Win XP and working fine with Twitter, LinkedIn, and both Connections & Sametime internally in IBM. Facebook used to work but does no longer (not sure when it stopped).

    I tried removing and re-adding my Facebook credentials. I've tried logging in to get the Session ID when requested in Firefox 17.0.1, Chrome 23.0.1271.95 and IE 8.0.6001. I sometime get through to "success" but the URL I then copy & paste into the Session ID box does not work. Wildfire log shows "Error Feed from: My Facebook    (Session key is malformed.)" where My Facebook is the name I have given the Facebook profile in Wildfire. 

    Any suggestions welcome. Many thanks, Evan

    • Re: Facebook Session ID

      By Andrew Welch 7 years ago

      Thanks Evan,

      Facebook has recently changed their authentication strategy and thus WildFire is no longer able to authenticate new users.  If you have another installation of WildFire with Facebook already authenticated you can copy the Session key into your new installation.  

      I will look into changing to their new authentication strategy when I get the chance.



      • By Andrew Welch 6 years ago

        Hi Evan,
        This issue has been resolved.