• Incomplete feed coming from Facebook

    By Andrew Welch 8 years ago

    How do I control what feed content comes from Facebook?   Wildfire is consistent about sending feeds from many people.  However, when I look at my Facebook home page, there are more posts there that do *not* appear on Wildfire !?.   (Notably my children and a few other close friends :-(  *don't* show up.  Why would that be?

    • Facebook Feed Content

      By Andrew Welch 8 years ago

      Hi Brian,

      Try upgrading to the latest version, as there have been several improvements with Facebook, including showing posts from the Facebook 'Mobile' app, which wasn't in the early versions of WildFire.

      Sorry, but at this stage WildFire doesn't have the ability to select what to see in your feeds.

      It doesn't show posts about Pictures, or Events, or pages you are following.  Just Status updates.