• Facebook

    By Greg Zygadlo 8 years ago

    I just install Wildfire 1.5 and when it tries to connect to facebook, I'm getting this in the log.

    Aug 19, 2011 12:37:55 PM - Error Feed from: Facebook
       (Incorrect signature)

    This is a fantastic plugin and I have my linkedin and twitter feeds coming in.

    • Facebook Signature Incorrect

      By Andrew Welch 8 years ago

      Hi Greg,

      It sounds like a problem with the Session ID you retrieved from Facebook.

      Try re-authorising the Facebook account in WildFire.  Ie, go to WildFire's Settings page, select the Facebook account from the list of Accounts setup, then press the 'Get Session' button.  This should open a browser window to login to Facebook and approve WildFire.  When you see a page with the word 'Success', copy the entire URL back into WildFire.  When you click Apply it will extract the necessary information.