• Cannot get Linkedin feed to work

    By Brian Ulm 8 years ago

    I just recently installed the Wildfire gadget and first have to say its a great idea and very well done - thank you! I was able to get posts working to all 3 networks I configured with it, i.e. FB, Twitter and Linkedin. I was further able to get feeds from FB and Twitter but nothing from Linkedin. I am running the latest widget on Notes 8.5.3 on Windows Vista.

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions or advice.

    Best Regards


    • Re: LinkedIn Feed

      By Andrew Welch 8 years ago

      Thanks Brian,

      Make sure you ticked the "Feed Enabled" box on the LinkedIn account in WildFire's preferences.

      LinkedIn might also have been having problems when you tested it, so give it a bit of time and try again.

      Hope this helps.