• Feed Wrap?

    By Andrew Welch 1 decade ago

    Hi Guys, Nice work, would it be possible for the entries to wrap around rather than having to use the scroll bar? (we don't have two screens on our desktops :) The picture could be smaller to save real estate? Or maybe click to slide out like "Feeds" or Open in browser with right click?

    mmmm nice….


    • By Adam Brown 1 decade ago

      G'Day Marty,

      We are a step ahead of you mate! We are about to release WildFire 1.1 (probably Monday or Tuesday) which has a range of improved features including improved rendering of the twitter feed with wrapping and active links. We have added a few additional social networks to the list and added some usability improvements such as the ability to use keyboard shortcuts to select groups and the ability to use short url's in your status updates.