• not able to see Facebook on wildfire

    By Andrew Welch 9 years ago


    I cant see feeds or can't also post

    (Jun 2, 2010 2:09:00 PM - Error Feed from: Facebook - shrinisahadev). I used your link with no problems. I saw the "success" page and then a copied link and the session Id was decoded from that link. The same strange behaviour.

    This is really a good tool to use, can you help me in resolving the error.


    • Facebook Help

      By Andrew Welch 9 years ago

      Hi Shrinivas,

      Could you give me a few more details about your problem? I gather you can create the account alright in WildFire but it won't receive feeds, or post statuses?

      What version of Lotus Notes are you running? Do you have any fix packs installed?

      The Fix Packs: FP1, FP2 & FP3; for Lotus Notes 8.5.1 disables the use of Facebook Feeds and Posting.

      This problem was introduced in FP1, and was meant to be fixed in FP3, but unfortunately it is not.

      If you have any of these Fix Packs installed and you wish to use Facebook in WildFire, the only option at this stage is to uninstall them. This can be done by running the same Fix Pack installation file again. As this is not an ideal solution, it is only recommended if you wish to use the Facebook aspect of WildFire.

      Thanks for your feedback.

      Regards Andrew