• How to post to a subset of accoutns.

    By Andrew Welch 9 years ago

    Using wildfire 1.4.1.   I have multiple accounts.   Must I post to all of them every time, or is there an easy way to specify which accounts get the post.

    • Enabling Multiple Acocunts

      By Andrew Welch 9 years ago

      Hi Brian,

      You can enable only the accounts you wish to post to.  This can be done by changing to the 'Groups' or 'Types' view and changing the check box next to each account.  Alternatively you can open the settings (where you created the accounts) and each one has a field labeled 'Post Enabled' that represents whether to post to that account or not.

      Lastly, if you placed the accounts into groups, you can enable/disable entire groups from any view by clicking the group icons above the text box for status input.  These icons are greyed out when the group is disabled.  These buttons can also be controlled via the keyboard when you are typing your new status by pressing ALT+[number of group to enable/disable].
      Regards Andrew