• Remove entry in calendar when a leave has been revoked

    By Alan M Neiss 1 decade ago

    Hi Gary & Bob,

    First of all I'd like to say thanks for your application. I have two items that I need help with.

    1. When a leave has been revoked it's not removed from the calendar.
    2. I'd like to keep the current years leave when I "Update Leave Allowances for NewYear". I'd like the system to create copies reflecting the new year leaving the current as is. Maybe the option.

      Thanks again!

    • Revoked Leave Is Not Displayed

      By Bob Brodsky 1 decade ago


      Thanks for your interest in Vacation Request!

      1. Once a Leave Request (not an Annual Leave doc) has been Revoked (by clicking the Revoke button) then the Annual Leave documents associated with it (the ones that appear in the calendar) are all marked to not display in the Leave Calendar. If you are still seeing them please read the Help,Using document carefully regarding Revoking Leave and insure that you are following the instructions.

      2. As far as keeping the current year's leave when you "Update Leave Allowances for New Year" goes, please read the notes (by selecting View,Agents and then double-clicking the Agent) in the Agent design carefully. Those notes indicate a method by which you can do exactly that: make a Local copy of the application for the purpose of setting up the next years Leave Allowances.