• Vacation days deduct incorrectly

    By Bill Colonna 1 decade ago

    OK, for starters, I love this template and db. It solves a wealth of issues for my group. The problem we're having……someone submits a request. Once approved, it writes their day off on the calendar but it puts the day off document under the approver's name, as well as the deduction of time off. so gary asks for a day off and Bob approves it - Gary's name goes on the calendar, but under the all approved Leave view there is a header for Bob, listing the day off as if its his not Gary's.

    • Vacation days deduct incorrectly

      By Gary Cousins 1 decade ago

      Hi Bill,

      Which version are you using? We have 2 versions; one for the web and one for Notes.


      • By Bill Colonna 1 decade ago

        Hi GAry - I was testing the Notes version. I see there have been new revisions so I'm going to test with the latest release and see how it goes. The app itself is fantastic though - its about as 'one stop shopping' as it gets for a Notes vacation scheduler.