• Sick Leave Counter

    By Shaun Titus 1 decade ago

    Would it be possible to have a counter on the AL Allowance form that keeps track of the number of sick days a person has taken for the year? It would be nice to be able to keep track of the number of days a person is taking off for illness.



    • Please Check Out Our Views

      By Bob Brodsky 1 decade ago


      You will enjoy our categorized Leave Summary Views:

      -From the Leave Calendar click on the word Tracking

      -Now the Navigator changes itself so that you can select from lots of categorized views

      You can, for example, see all leave by Year,Person,LTC!

      Alternatively, you can GoTo Views and see lots of possibilities.

      Nota Bene: View access is restricted by Role so make sure that you have the [View Allowances] role