• general look and feel

    By Eugene McDonnell 2 decades ago

    I'm just starting to look at this. First impressions are very positive :)

    My request is for a general change of fonts. Its just that it has a notes4/5 look and feel. I would like to see it look a little moe like Notes 6 or for example this forum. Less dark bold fonts, more of a lighter, easier on the eye for modern screen resolution.

    I realise of course where you are coming from.

    • General Look and Feel

      By Dave Leigh 2 decades ago

      Interesting. I wasn't conscious of the Notes 4.x look to it. I was actually going for more of a high-contrast ink-on-paper feel. Perhaps at some point we can go back in and and do some graphic design, or even make that configurable. At the moment, though, I'm just trying to get the functionality done.