• How to use it

    By Paul BRIGDEN 6 years ago

    It would be nice you explain how to use it.

    • User Guide

      By kyle yu 6 years ago

      This application has only been tested on Domino Server 8.5.2.

      User Guide:

      Prepare HTTP:
      1, Copy app file to Domino data folder
      2, Launch domino Http server

      If the domino server allow anonymous loggin and anonymous account execute code, below steps can be ignored. But for most cases, domino server need authentication. So below steps need be applied.

      Security configuration:
      Determin which Domino account will be used to view the XPage. Here I assume it's account A (usually is an admin user)

      1, Sign the application
          Open appication via Designer and sign all items using account A.

      2, Disable the anonymous access of HTTP server
          In server doc -> Ports tab -> Internet Ports... -> Web, configre the Authentication options as below:    
              Name & password:    Yes
              Anonymous:    No

      3, Add security permittion for the account A so that it can run agent/code on Domino server

          Add the account to below field in Server doc -> security tab
              Sign or run unrestricted methods and operations:
              Sign agents to run on behalf of someone else:
              Sign agents or XPages to run on behalf of the invoker:
              Sign or run restricted LotusScript/Java agents:
              Run Simple and Formula agents:
              Sign script libraries to run on behalf of someone else:

      4, Use firefox open the URL: http://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx//NNNTopoPage.xsp. Input the username and password of account A in the authentication dialog.