• Not Working

    By Matt J Paine 10 years ago

    I have been recommended your project and have attempted to apply the design but I get the following error, please could you direct me on how to resolve.  I am new to xPages but not domino.  (oh this is about the 4rd time I have tried to make contact via this website but not confident that anything is getting through??? the email funtion has a runtime error)

    HTTP Web Server: You are forbidden to perform this operation


    • re "You are forbidden to perform this operation" error

      By Martin Donnelly 10 years ago


      This is probably one of two things:

      a) XPages is not enabled to run in your Domino server config

      Run Administrator and for your server do:

      Configuration > Server > Current Server Document > Security > Programmability Restrictions > Enable XPages blah

      b) Your application contains code that is not signed by an approved user id

      From Administrator, you could go to Files and locate your NSF and sign with the appropriate ID using right click menu

      Designer offers this feature also since 8.5.2 - Right click NSF and it's something like Application > Sign Design

      The latter will use the currently logged in ID

      After doing these, restart the server and try to run your app again