• No Buttons in Webinterface

    By Lisa Heinz 9 years ago

    Hey @All,

    I just wrote to the Discussion-Board, but there was no answer, so I copy my post again here.

            <em>Hey Guys,</em></p>
            <em>I&acute;m new here and I don&acute;t know if I&acute;m right here on this place.</em></p>
            <em>I downloaded the teamroom template here and made a new application with it.<br/>
            If I try to open the Database in webfrontend, there are no buttons to do any actions like creating new documents or somthing else.</em></p>
            <em>Is there anyone with the same problem or someone who fixed it?</em></p>
            <em>For my tests I used different Browsers and Systems. See below:<br/>
            Win7 with Firefox 5<br/>
            Win7 with Internet Explorer 9<br/>
            WinXP with Firefox 4<br/>
            WinXP with Internet Explorer 8</em></p>
            <em>Thanks a lot for your help<br/>
            Last days I found out, that the problem is in the query to get the useraccess.<br/>
            #{javascript:userBean.accessLevel} <strong>and</strong> #{javascript:userBean.canCreateDocs} are nothing by displaying in browser.<br/>
            It seems to be a problem with the bean-object, cause the query #{javascript:lotus.domino.ACL.LEVEL_AUTHOR} works correctly.<br/>
            These output lines in another application works.</p>
            Thanks a lot again<br/>