• Can you provide more info about how this compare to DORA ?

    By Tinus Riyanto 4 years ago

    When using Source Control with another developer I always run into problem with db.properties. Every time I pull this file, my database ACL got replaced with that of the other developer,I am currently evaluating if using DORA can help to avoid this issue, but just now notice that its successor is coming soon.

    Can you explain more about Swiper and advise whether I should wait or just try DORA.

    • By Cameron Gregor 4 years ago

      Hi Tinus,

      The aim of swiper is to perform the same function that Dora does, however it will do so from an eclipse plugin within Domino Designer, instead of having to do any configuration on the git repository/ filesystem.
      Currently Dora works using git + xsltproc + perl scripts, Swiper is written in java an integrates with Domino Designer.

      I think you should wait and try Swiper, it will probably come out in October, I can also give you an advance 'alpha testing version' if you want to be a tester :)

      Regarding the Database Properties, I am aiming to include a feature in Swiper where you can snapshot/ restore database properties.
      My Opinion is that the Database properties and Icon should actually be ignored (not committed to source) and using this snapshot/ restore functionality when deploying so you keep the standard settings in the source control (but not named 'database.properties' and more like 'master.database.properties'
      Does that make sense?


      • By Tinus Riyanto 4 years ago

        Yes, please :D

        One of the issues I have with installing DORA is running the perl script which I assume is the reason why gitbash is one of the requirement. Having this as a Domino Designer plugins would greatly simplify things since there will be fewer things to install.

        Not sure what you mean by snaphot/ restore of database properties. It will probably not be a big issue for us in deployment since we would create a new template manually and setting Database ACL as well as the Title will be part of the job. Personally I would like to have the database icon uniform among all developers, but that is just my preference.

        • By Cameron Gregor 4 years ago

          Hi Tinus FYI I have released the first version of Swiper
          sorry for the delay I hope it works for you and your team

          • By Tinus Riyanto 4 years ago

            Hi Cameron, good to finally be able to test this.

            I saw your using Swiper video where you show a view XML ODP that has been filtered and no longer have the creation's metadata (created, modified, etc). However when I tried this in an existing NSF, my view metadata is still unfiltered.

            Below is one sample.

            version='9.0' replicaid='47257EFB0012B8E9' showinmenu='false' publicaccess='false'
            designerversion='8.5.3' unreadmarks='none' onopengoto='lastopened' onrefresh='displayindicator'
            headers='simple' opencollapsed='false' showresponsehierarchy='true' showmargin='true'
            shrinkrows='true' extendlastcolumn='false' showhierarchies='false' unreadcolor='black'
            rowlinecount='9' headerlinecount='1' rowspacing='1' bgcolor='white' altrowcolor='#e1e1e1'
            totalscolor='black' headerbgcolor='#efefef' boldunreadrows='false' evaluateactions='false'
            allownewdocuments='false' allowcustomizations='true' hidemarginborder='false'
            marginwidth='0px' marginbgcolor='white' uniquekeys='false'>


            CN=Notes Doctor/O=SUN
            CN=Notes Doctor/O=SUN

            SELECT ((Form = “Profile Keyword”) | (Form = “frKeyword”))

            width='0px 0px 1px'/>
            @Command([Compose]; ““; “frButtons”)event='hidewhen'>@If(@IsMember(“[Admin]“; @UserRoles); @False; @True)
            @Command([Compose]; ““; “frKeyword”)event='hidewhen'>@If(@IsMember(“[Admin]“; @UserRoles); @False; @True)
            @Command([Compose]; ““; “frHeader”)event='hidewhen'>@If(@IsMember(“[Admin]“; @UserRoles); @False; @True)

            resizable='true' separatemultiplevalues='false' sortnoaccent='true' sortnocase='true'
            showaslinks='false'>familyid='20'/>name='Arial' pitch='variable' truetype='true' familyid='20'/>

            resizable='true' separatemultiplevalues='false' sortnoaccent='false' sortnocase='true'
            showaslinks='false'>familyid='20'/>name='Arial' pitch='variable' truetype='true' familyid='20'/>event='value'>@If(
            tKeywordType = “File”; “File Location”;
            tKeywordType = “Folder”; “Folder Location”;
            tKeywordType = “Attachment”; “Attachment File”;


            • By Cameron Gregor 4 years ago

              Hi Tinus, yes it definitely looks unfiltered

              Things to check:

              Did you definitely 'Add Swiper' to the project? to double-check, when you right-click the project and click the 'Swiper' menu, the 'remove swiper' option will be enabled if Swiper is currently added to the project

              Have you saved this View since adding swiper? Swiper will only run at the time when it the element is exported to the ODP. This will only happen after it is modified (or if you use the Swiper -> Filter Selected menu option)

              Do you have build automatically on or off? if it is off, you may need to 'build' the project or also try 'Team Developement' -> Sync with on-disk project

              let me know if any of these fix the problem