• Adopt "_SNTF_" prefix design element naming convention

    By Kevin Pettitt 1 decade ago

    Keeping in mind that this is a "framework" that should be readily distinguishable from the custom parts of a given Notes database, I plan to adopt a consistent design element naming prefix much like that used for the Qenos Workflow framework.

    As with Qenos, it will likely be necessary to update the standard framework elements in existing databases that were created using an earlier SuperNTF version. Doing this on an ad-hoc basis, such as by keeping a running list of affected elements, is a major pain, and it will be unclear to developers (especially future ones), what elements originated from SuperNTF and which are custom.

    I have already adopted a standard naming prefix for many graphic elements (i.e. "SNTF"), but again taking a page from how its done in Qenos, I plan to make the new standard prefix "SNTF_", for graphics and everything else. The leading underscore character helps ensure that all the SuperNTF elements appear toward the bottom of the list of design elements in any given category. Views, Folders, and Agents which have names wrapped in parentheses would continue to do so.

    • Underscores problematic for view names

      By Kevin Pettitt 1 decade ago

      Just a note to self about the use of underscores in view naming…they are sometimes treated as "invisable" characters by @ViewTitle function because they are used to enable keyboard menu operations. E.g. if a View is named "My _Special View" and appears in the View menu, you could type "Alt - V - S" to activate it as the underscore immediately preceeds the S in the view title.