• Intergrate Quick elementer Design management

    By Niek T Kats 1 decade ago

    With Quick Elementer (also a project on openntf) you can store your repositories (code) including real design elements. After submitting the design elements you can easily push them (code and design elements) to any database you want.

    URL : http://www.openntf.org/Projects/pmt.nsf/ProjectLookup/Quick%20Elementer

    • Something like that already in the plan

      By Kevin Pettitt 1 decade ago

      Thanks for the suggestion Neil. I'm not exactly sure how QuickElementer does it's code groupings but I already have ideas for leveraging the design view stuff to achieve similar aims. The immediate goal would be to create various collections of design elements in SuperNTF that represent discreet functionality and then allow one to "select a database to push to". I'll take another look and see how it works.

      • thanks

        By Niek T Kats 1 decade ago

        Thanks Kevin, i wondered if you are the only developer for this project? If you are I am very interested

        to join in (if possible of course).

        • I'm the only "direct" developer...

          By Kevin Pettitt 1 decade ago

          Hi Niek, I get lots of ideas and code contributions from others but I am the only developer working directly on the source code. Help in any form is always welcome. Did you have anything specific in mind? Feel free to email me offline.