• Is Project no longer supported?

    By sr morris 1 decade ago

    Is this no longer supported? No response to feedback or questions

    • Depends on what you mean

      By Julian Robichaux 1 decade ago

      Hi there "sr". Just a few things in response to this, and I'll be as nice as possible.

      1. When you posted your other questions last week, I was on vacation with my family for the first time all year. Not checking this discussion forum to see if someone was having problems.

      2. As I just wrote in response to your other questions, if you look at the sample agents in the database you will find your answer. If you didn't think to look, I also mention that there is a sample LotusScript agent in paragraph #3 of the Help document in this database. You will see this Help document the first time you open the database, and you can open it any time you want by clicking the "Help!" button at the top of the only view in the database (there are only 2 buttons).

      3. In a large part, NO, this project is not supported. It is free, open source code that I wrote to share with other people. If someone asks a question that I think I know the answer to, and I have time to answer it, I may leave an answer. If someone finds a bug or wants extra functionality, I may make changes if I feel like it.

        But please do not fool yourself into thinking that this is a truly "supported" database in any way. It is a gift, for you and everyone else to use if you want. However, you have to put some effort into it too. You have to read the documentation. You have to look at the code – hey, it's open source!

        I spent weeks, probably MONTHS, writing, testing, and debugging this code, writing help documentation, writing sample agents, and writing HUGE amounts of comments in the sample agents. Please look at it. Any "support" you get beyond that is another gift.

        Oh, and by the way, I changed the title of your original message from "Project no longer supported" to the question, "Is project no longer supported?". I thought it was a little… nicer that way.

      4. Julian