• Cannot uninstall

    By Lothar Mueller 8 years ago

    since 3 days in a row I try to uninstall through File - Application - Application Management: first the twitter one then the main feature. Result is that on every Notes Client restart I'm prompted to first allow the twitter piece then the main fefature to update/ re-install:

    "The system ist trying to install or update a plugin…"

    I already did a full-text search across both of my workspace folders (the one in the prog and the other one in the data path) but cannot find anything that possibkly could be responsible for this. I'm close to deleting both of my workspace folder structures, but before I do I hope that you can shed some light on this…

    • Uninstall through My Widgets

      By Jessica W Ramirez 8 years ago

      You need to remove Status Updater from your My Widgets shelf, that will prevent it from trying to reinstall if you do it manually from File->Applications.

      • worked, thanks!

        By Lothar Mueller 8 years ago

        Has it been really THAT easy? Thanks for your input.

        Just let me add that the primary reaon for uninstalling the feature was that all of us here in my company keep receiving this annoying "getImage" error everytime we try to connect to our connections server through status updater. I already replied to an existing bug report regarding that error.