• Object import

    By Thimo Jansen 6 years ago

    Is it possible to import objects from the ondisk project to the NSF? For instance, I use the ondisk project for backups. By mistake I remove a view from the NSF, is it possible to restore the view file from my backup and put it back into the ondisk project so that it will be imported back into the NSF?

    The reason I ask this is that up to now I haven't been able to do this.

    • PS

      By Thimo Jansen 6 years ago

      PS: I would prefer to be able to do it with a normal sync. Can I?

      • not sure I understand

        By Maureen Leland 6 years ago

        the sync happens between the on disk project and the associated nsf.  If the view (for example) has been removed from the nsf, it will also be out of the on disk project.  As you discovered, adding a backup version to the on disk project returned the view to the nsf.  Had you used an Eclipse import rather than a file system copy, you would not have needed the refresh for Eclipse to see it.

        So I don't see where a normal sync fits in here if you are in a restore situation?

    • Answer

      By Thimo Jansen 6 years ago

      So, let me answer my own question: Yes, it's possible. After adding a file to the ondisk project through the filesystem, all you have to do is hit "Refresh" on the ondisk project in Domino Designer. Done!