• Version for subversive connectors

    By Jordi Aguila 7 years ago

    Hello and congratulations on the project,
    I write because I have a problem is that the document contains a link to: http://community.polarion.com/projects/subversive/download/eclipse/2.0/helios-site/
    for subversive connectors. If you access the link to the version that appears is the 2.2.2.I20101203-1700 and this version is different from what is specified in the document (2.2.2.I20100512-1900)
    By installing these plugins get an error:
    CWPPR0032E: The requested provisioning operation (s) failed.
       CWPPR0032E: The requested provisioning operation (s) failed.
         CWPPR0544W: Feature org.polarion.eclipse.team.svn.connector.javahl15.win32_2.2.2.I20101203-1700 failed to set due to an unexpected exception.
           JavaHL 1.5.4 Win32 Binaries (Optional) (2.2.2.I20101203-1700) Requires plug-in "org.polarion.eclipse.team.svn.connector.javahl15 (2.2.2.I20101001-1700)", or compatible.

    It may be a problem in the version currently on the web link? (http://community.polarion.com/projects/subversive/download/eclipse/2.0/helios-site/)


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